The Children's Museum of New Hampshire will be celebrating Earth Day with a wide variety of activities aimed at teaching kids the importance of caring for the planet. The 2015 Earth Day Celebration is tomorrow from 10AM-3PM at the museum in Dover.

This looks like a fun and entertaining way to educate your children about the planet, the environment and our local ecosystem. Check out all of these wonderful activities that your kids can take part in:

•    Exploring roots with Norm Fracassa of Fracassa DesignWorks
•    Planting marigolds with Wentworth Greenhouses
•    Learning about endangered animals in New Hampshire and around the globe with UNH students
•    Exploring water pollution by experimenting with the Museum's watershed model – kids can create “dirty” water and explore methods for cleaning polluted water
•    Planting seeds in recycled paper containers
•    Learning how to sort recycled materials
•    Participating in a green scavenger hunt around the Museum
•    Visiting with representatives of High Liner Foods to learn about their sustainability practices.

Happy Earth Day!

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