His nickname is 'Time Lord' and I when I looked at his stats from just 19 minutes last night, I thought that maybe this wasn't just a nickname, but his superpower!

Atlanta Hawks v Boston Celtics
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How does one record a 'Double Double' in just 19 minutes?

For those of you that may be a little unclear as to what that is, it's not difficult to explain. It's scoring in the double digits while either collecting double digits in rebounds or assists.

This is a remarkable achievement from a starting player who would normally play in excess of half the game.

Robert Williams scored 16 points last night and grabbed 13 rebounds in just 19 minutes!

Still not impressed?

In the 70 plus seasons of NBA basketball, this feat has only been accomplished 10 times and 'The Time Lord' is number TEN.

One of the highlights that I've enjoyed, in what has been a pretty frustrating season for The Celts, is watching Robert Williams when Payton Pritchard has been in the backcourt.

There is an offensive chemistry there that is exciting to watch.

I hope that as the postseason draws closer, that chemistry will only get better and they will provide an extra spark off the bench in the month of May. (And perhaps June.)

From what I've gathered watching Coach Brad Stevens' press conferences, the reason that Williams' sees such a limited amount of playing time is due to his health.

The NBA schedule this year has been BRUTAL and given the hip problems that 'The Time Lord' has battled through the last 2 years, (He's only 23), it's just a question of 'load management' and hopefully his minutes will increase in proportion to the importance of the games.

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