WOW! Motoring Images in Lee NH has really outdone themselves. I could look at this new Shark Van all day and write about it's new look for hours! I think I will!

Train Images

The first thing that caught my eye are the beams of sunlight that descend from our roof. As I then noticed two sharks swimming alongside the passenger side and rear fender it all clicked into place!

The sunlight is being refracted the same way it is when underwater! Literally brilliant!

And how sweet is that gigantic Patriots logo?

I just had to take it out for a test drive.

Train Images

Here is the 'New' Shark Van getting it's first gasoline since this incredible make over. Down at the Mobil Station I was just as full of pride as our 15 gallon tank was full of 87 octane when the handle shut off.

I think I might save a copy of the receipt and put it in a baby book of 'New' Shark Van keepsakes!

Train Images

Is this a postcard or what? Here is the 'New' Shark Van posing alongside Dover's City Hall. Golden leaves, golden sunbeams and a golden domed beacon of municipal administration all in one photo.

Ok, so for those of you that know me, I can't hide the fact that this was my parking spot as I picked up a half Moes regular with extra meat. I only realized how beautiful the setting was after I grabbed my sandwich.

Thanks again Dave and Stephanie!

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