Yesterday, I had written about the fast and furious movement in the NH COVID-19 vaccination rollout and wasn't 100% clear on what will be happening with Phase 2A on Friday, March 12th.

Andrey Burmakin

Registration For Phase 2A Will Begin On Wednesday, March 17th

It'll be a Happy St. Patrick's Day for Kindergarten through Grade 12 educators and staff as this is the first day they will be able to register at website and schedule their NH COVID-19 Vaccination.

The confusion I had in my post yesterday dealt with those workers that are categorized as being in a 'Closed Pod'.

According to this WMUR-TV article, Governor Sununu mentioned at yesterday's press conference that these specific schools, districts and populations will be able to get vaccinated at their own separate clinics.

These 'Closed Pod' vaccinations could be taking place as soon as March 12th and that explains the confusion with the dates.

This morning, I put on my fedora, press pass and old school trench coat in pursuit of any and all details concerning the process and planning of a NH Phase 2A 'Closed Pod' clinic,  but my sources were unable to give me any additional information other than 'water cooler talk' and unfounded hearsay.

They were in unison saying basically 'Your guess is as good as mine.'

I'm sure that when it happens, it'll happen fast.

After what seemed like years to see the light at the end of the tunnel, exciting updates on the speed and volume of NH COVID-19 vaccinations are literally happening multiple times a day.

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