It's something you really don't want to see, but like any good social media video, you can't take your eyes off it!

Ryan Fowler, who lives in Exeter took this video a few days ago along the North Beach section in Hampton, New Hampshire. He was taking his dog out for a walk along the shore and spotted creepy crawlies in the sand. If you have the stomach for it, check out Ryan's video below. But remember, you can't 'un see'  it once you watch it!

Hampton Beach has had a run of bad luck over the last couple of weeks. It was determined over a dozen people likely acquired Legionnaires' Disease between early June and mid-August in the Ashworth Ave area of Hampton. Sadly, one of those infected, an elderly person has died due to complications related to the disease.

Now, you have to deal with these tiny creatures washing ashore. So be careful where you put your beach towel if you still have a few beach days left on your summer to-do list!

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