Shark News Director Don Briand always gives me a dollar to 'invest' during my trips to Las Vegas. This time, I decided to switch it up a bit.

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Although this game is well-known for having a HORRIBLE 'house edge', I figured if I picked both of our birthdays, (9/30 and 12/2) a tremendous payout would be inevitable.

Just take a look at that (possible) TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY EIGHT DOLLAR profit margin!

I matched his dollar and after just a few seconds, the 80 numbered ping pong balls flew like wild birds in their plastic bubble. Of the twenty numbers that were selected, ONLY ONE (12) was on our ticket. ZERO MONEY WON.

Despite the game's horrible reputation, it was a lot of fun watching a lottery style machine determine your fortune right before your very eyes.

I think that Don Briand's Vegas dollar will be wasted (whoops, I mean) invested on this game in the foreseeable future. After all, a $2 Pick 5 pays $1500!  And we are SERIOUSLY overdue to win big!