Love is Blind on Netflix was a big time guilty pleasure for many people, myself included. I have been DEVOURING season three, and enjoying every minute. Sure, the concept is absolutely ridiculous, but I simply can't look away from the screen. It feels so right that it can't be wrong. The majority of relationships that blossom on reality TV are not genuine and don't last. However, there was one relationship (in season one) that I was really invested in, and that was Cameron and Lauren. These two are still going strong!

Cameron Hamilton was born and raised in Lee, Maine. His connection with Michigan's own Lauren Speed was quick and natural. They faced some challenges throughout the course of the show. Lauren's dad was not thrilled with the idea of her being in a biracial relationship. Then came the great debate of where they would live! Lauren is a city girl who likes her own space, and Cameron is a country boy who has a house with plenty of it. They worked through these challenges and came out strong in the end.
The two have been happily married since 2018.

@cameronreidhamilton via Facebook
@cameronreidhamilton via Facebook

After their whirlwind love story, the pair co-wrote a book called Leap of Faith: Finding Love the Modern Way.

According to the Amazon book description, the dynamic duo...

"share their engaging and accessible love advice for the modern world, the ups and downs they’ve experienced during their first years of marriage, and exclusive behind-the-scenes anecdotes from the pods"


I am in full support of any content these two want to release into the world. Do you believe Cameron and Lauren's love is the real deal?

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