Lady luck struck again in New Hampshire on Friday night, when someone in Auburn took home the grand prize in the Lucky for Life lottery drawing.

The winner takes home a $5.75 million payout overall, after picking the numbers 23-33-34-35-42, and Lucky Ball 14.

And after noticing they went with Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Paul Pierce/David Ortiz, Reggie Lewis, Mo Vaughn/Jackie Robinson, and Bob Cousy, I’m left wondering…was it me??

Alas, I didn’t play the Lotto the other night. But this can be a stressful time for the winner, as their life is about to change forever. Therefore, it’s fair to guess they may wish to remain anonymous for the time being.

But we all want to know who won.

So here are a Dozen Signs Your Neighbor Won the New Hampshire Lottery:

• Instead of a rusted pickup on their front lawn, there’s a rusted RV on their front lawn.
• They now buy from an upscale furniture retailer – Bernard & Phylicia’s.
• Their license plate reads “Live Free, Then Get Frozen Like Ted Williams”
• They keep asking race car drivers in Loudon if they have any Grey Poupon.
• They insist on wetting the slides at Water Country with their own can of La Croix.
• Instead of using a white noise machine at bedtime, they hire Fritz Wetherbee to sit at their bed and talk about Daniel Webster.
• They bought a 6-ounce lobster roll at the Beach Plum.
• Their butler gives them a piggyback ride through the Polar Caves.
• They outbid Jason Bateman and Steven Tyler for the Fuller Mansion.
• They paid Dan Brown to write 500 pages of clues telling their ex where to shove it.
• They got Sununu to name every town Dixville Notch!
And the tell-tale sign your neighbor is a secret millionaire...
• After all that, they still had 20 bucks left to buy the Red Sox.

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