If you live in or around Dover, chances are you've seen the gorgeous horses ridden by the mounted police.  This program has been in operation for over 20 years and provides a unique approach to law enforcement as well as community relations.

The Dover Mounted Patrol is funded by donations and volunteers from the community, according to Dover.NH.gov.   They do not receive tax funding.

Due to Covid-19, the mounted patrol program was placed on hold according to Fosters.com.  Chief of Police Bill Breault cited federal social distancing when talking to Fosters:

 “Having an officer on horseback, where a big part of that role is public relations and engaging the community, we don’t want to continue that right now.”

So, now that restrictions are starting to be lifted, what does that mean for the Mounted Police?  There is a city council meeting tomorrow night to discuss that very issue. There are some residents that are concerned that the Dover Mounted Police may permanently go away.

The Supporters of the Dover Mounted Patrol have a Facebook Page where they have posted their concerns:

Dover resident Nancy Berube started the "supporters" page because the "Friends of the Dover Mounted Patrol" is run by the Dover PD. Berube says:
"I felt it was important to have a separate citizen run support page. I am a taxpayer in Dover and a care volunteer for the horses. It's important even if the unit continues with one officer, Officer Caproni, BOTH horses need to return because they are herd animals. It would be considered cruelty if one horse were to be left alone."
Here is the agenda for tomorrow night's meeting:

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