On the (un)Official City of Dover Facebook page, there is a post on the special session scheduled for tonight at 6pm where they will discuss the next step in getting kids physically back to school.

From the comments on the post, it could get a bit heated.

One of the comments referred to the Superintendent of Schools for Dover and an alleged plan regarding in-school/remote learning that might be announced at the special board meeting.

But the superintendent has gone on record saying in a Foster's article that "We don’t have a plan yet. That’s what Thursday is about."

There was a firestorm of comments in the Facebook group regarding the special session, including some who were "livid" and upset about trying to maintain a full-time job and also being able to help their children with remote learning.
I feel so badly for the parents and the kids who are in this circumstance.  I hope they are able to come to a solution that works for all.

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