Dover Teachers rallied outside of City Hall yesterday, according to a report from WMUR, over concerns about class size, teacher safety and teacher pay.  The report said that the teachers came in to their schools right as the day started and left when school was finished.  Lisa Dillingham of the Dover Teachers Union said in the report:

Kids are suffering because they're not getting the resources that they need because of the spending....... Next week, the school portion of the budget is going before the City Council. It's a $63.9 million school budget. If we were at the state average, that would be $12 million more.

I truly hope the voices of Dover teachers will be heard.  Dover is a fantastic city to raise a family in and we need to give the teachers and the kids what they need for a great education.

My son went to Dover schools for the first 4 years of his education and I can tell you, the teachers here cared more than any other school system he attended.  They are amazing!  Good luck to them!




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