Dr. Fauci spoke virtually with Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center via video conference to students and doctors yesterday.  He said that we have a "diversity of viral activity," according to a report in US News.com and we really can't make a blanket decision to open schools or to close them.


There may be some areas where the level of virus is so high that it would not be prudent to bring the children back to school..... so you can’t make one statement about bringing children back to school in this country, it depends on where you are.


Dr. Fauci also said, according to the report, there are two problems with people not wearing masks:  They don't take the virus seriously or they have politicized wearing the mask.

NH is the only New England state without a requirement to wear a mask in public.



Every day that goes by during this pandemic, I feel better about getting through this time in our lives.  There are people who have lived through so much more than what we are going through right now and I have to remember that and try to live in the moment.  For example, right now I have a roof over my head and my family is safe.  I have a job that I love and I am able to move around without any pain- something my Mother did not have the luxury of at the end of her life, so all in all, I'm doing okay and I hope you are too!

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