I know we've all been itching to get out of the house.  But where can you go?  I was thinking about drive-in movie theaters the other day.

You're still social distancing, but it's a chance to leave the house AND watch a movie!

So, I looked up Milford Drive-In in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, it was open.

Well, unfortunately the answer was no, BUT they are planning on opening as soon as the governor gives the okay.

They do have a post on their Facebook page explaining what's going on:

Once businesses are allowed to open back up, there still may be some trepidation in going to a regular movie theater, so this seems like the perfect solution.

According to the NY Post, drive-ins may be poised to make a comeback.  NY Governor Andrew Cuomo said that he is considering opening drive-ins, according to the article.

NY Post also reports that there are currently about 320 drive-ins left in the U.S., with about 25 currently opened.

In the meantime, the Milford Drive-In is making improvements, including a brand new roof!

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