D​unkin' has added some menu items, including two new breakfast bowls. One of the breakfast bowls, the Sausage Scramble Bowl, is low-carb, which is great news for people who are on keto diets, and can't eat most of what is on Dunkin's food menu. They will be able to enjoy D​unkin' again, perhaps for the first time since they started their strict program.

There are two bowls to choose from: the Egg White Bowl and the Sausage Scramble Bowl. I tried the Sa​usage Scramble and found it to be deliciously cheesy. The sausage is not too spicy, and there are lots of chopped red and green peppers and onions mixed with the egg and sausage. It's a small bowl, but it is just the right amount of food to be satisfying. It's filling without being too heavy.

The Sausage Scramble Bowl has 450 calories.

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