Our high school kids are missing out on so many things this year like, sporting events, senior prom and just being with their friends for their last year of school.

School kids here in the Seacoast are not going to have an opportunity to go back before the fall and seniors are not going to be able to experience a life-changing moment of receiving their diploma for all the hard work that they have done for 12 years of school.

To make things a bit more special, The Shark Morning Show with Sarah & A-Train want to highlight them!

Just fill out the form below and be listening to Sarah & A-Train weekday mornings at 7:50 to hear the Shark Senior Salutes.

Your salute may sound like this:

"The Shark wants to salute Colin Salo who attended Raymond High School.  Colin is a friend to all at Raymond High.  He is the guy who will listen if you have a problem and try to help you if he can.  His exceptional writing style and thoughtful demeanor leaves us with no doubt that he will succeed in anything he sets his mind to do.  Colin hopes to go on to Law School and become an environmental attorney."

Just fill out the form here for The Shark's Senior Salutes:

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