Tomorrow is Free Ice Fishing day in New Hampshire and our resident ice fishing expert, Pam called to give us a few tips:

Get supplies at Wildlife Outfitters in Manchester, right by Lake Massabesic or Mountain Road Trading Post in Raymond or Pawtuckaway Trading, across from the Tuckaway Tavern, also in Raymond.  (Ed. note:  If you don't know about the Tuckaway Tavern yet, you should.  Oh Em Gee......)  Anyhoo, the former two don't have as wide an assortment as Wildlife Outfitters, but, they have some good stuff.  You could pick up a good jigging pole or a regular fishing pole.

If you've never been ice fishing, Pam gave us some great instructions:  You make the hole in the ice with a propane auger or a hand auger or old school style - a chisel.  If you have a chisel, like her Grandfather had, you should go to well known ice-fishing areas where the holes are already done and you don't have to chisel as much ice.

Once you make the hole with your auger, if you catch a fish, Pam says you can get an auger in different sizes, either 6, 8 or 10" so you can pull the fish through the hole.  Pam also recommends that you get a scoop to scoop the ice out of the hole, but most important thing of all, get CREEPERS for your shoes so you don't fall on the ice and break your butt.

Hear the entire conversation with Pam here:

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