Listen, I get it, snow isn't always fun as an adult. We have to go outside, clear off our cars, shovel, throw some sand down, and pray that we don't slip and fall and break our backs.

When we were younger, snow was always an adventure, from snow forts to snowball flights to sledding. We were overjoyed to stay home when school was canceled and go outside and play. This all seems to fade away as you get older.

Honestly, we shouldn't let the joy of snow disappear. Yes, we may have to stay home if school gets canceled, and yes, we may have some work to do outside to get rid of snow, but don't let that ruin your day.

If you have kids, or even if you don't, it is important to always try to have a good time no matter the situation.

If it snows outside and you are an adult, then go out and enjoy it!

Here are 5 ways that you can relive your childhood, but better, in the snow as an adult in New England:

Snowball Fight

There is nothing wrong with going outside, packing your hands with some snow, and throwing a snowball at someone you love (or hate). Honestly, having a snowball fight as an adult can help you blow off some steam. You can even make it a competition between yourself and someone else: who can throw the farthest or who gets hit the most. Instead of fighting over who gets to do the dishes, take it outside (literally) and make it so that the loser of a snowball fight does them.

Adult Hot Cocoa

Stay warm inside and have some hot cocoa. Not only can sipping on some hot cocoa bring back memories of your childhood, but, you are an adult now so you can add something stronger to your cup Yes, I am talking about liquor. Warm your insides with hot cocoa, sit back and take a moment to relax. Of course, being in New England you may not want to forget the most important topping...fluff.

Build a Fort

Whether you want to stay inside, or go outside, build a fort. Use pillows from your couch or act more like your younger self and go outside and build one out of snow. This will certainly bring back some core childhood memories. If you choose to build one inside, curl up next to a loved one in a pillow and blanket fort, talk, play games, or watch your favorite movie to stay warm.

Eat Like a Kid

You read that right. It's cold out, reminisce and eat your favorite food from your childhood, SpaghettiOs, Mac and Cheese, ice cream, or even a pizza. It'd your day to enjoy too so eat something that will make you happy, plus you can pair it with your favorite drink.

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