Snow's on the way, but let's not let that damper our first day of Spring. Here are 5 things we're looking forward to!



5. Life On Two Wheels - Whether it's firing up the motorcycle, or a dragging your bicycle out of the shed, life on two wheels picks up late April/early May. Sure, there are a few days where it's great to shake off the cobwebs, but it's hard to enjoy the ride on a regular basis until then. This is also a reminder for all motorists to be aware the season is cranking up.


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5. Open Water Fishing - Hard water fishing wraps on March 31st (eh hem, please remove your ice shacks). While fishing season varies, spring brings back docks, boats, canoes, or anything else you find peace and quiet fishing off of.


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4. Golf - Golf is like many activities, an indoor sport during a New Hampshire winter. Throw in a warm week or two, and gusty winds to dry things up, you'll be teeing off in no time. (bonus points if you noticed golf's placement on this list)



3. "Play Ball" - Spring Training has been underway for about a month, but the Red Sox home opener is just a few weeks away. Plus, the New Hampshire Fishercats swing the home gates open Friday, April 13th against the Hartford Yard Goats. There's something awesome about being back at the park for the first time.



2. Shine a (later) Light - The end of Daylight Savings Time always plays out like Spring's opening act. One month from today (April 20th), the sun will set at 8:20. Long days ahead!


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1. That Smell - This can be applied to both indoor and outdoor smells. Nothing against candles, but it'll be nice when the fresh smell inside your house doesn't have to be preceded by sulfur, or a flick of the Bic. Outside, it'll just be nice to breathe deep through your nose without the fear of a nosebleed at some point. Yep, Spring is IN the air!