What is it about that inert, odorless and monatomic gas that makes people so happy? Cheers to WMUR-TV for compiling NH's best neon signs. Just so you know, Portsmouth is well represented!

As The Shark's resident authority on neon signs, (I've been to Las Vegas 31 times) I wasn't surprised that Portsmouth was represented by two of the prettiest examples you'll ever see.

The Music Hall of Portsmouth on Chestnut Street has a marquis that was beautifully restored just a couple years ago. If you haven't seen it up close and personal recently, the color combo of purple, gold and green will really grab you.

You know a sign has to be something special when it promotes a business that doesn't even exist anymore! Yoken's Restaurant closed down in 2004 and the sign remained on Lafayette Road under a sad tarp for almost a decade.

In 2015 it was fully refurbished and the pink, aquamarine, red and white neon tubes have never looked better. Every time I drive by I still crave their scallops.

The Weirs Beach twisted arrow sign is another classic that brings me intense happiness. Every time I see this landmark (built in 1956) I know that I'll be playing Galaga at Funspot in just a few minutes!

I've eaten at least 50 chicken parms at The Tilt'n Diner on Laconia Road, but never knew their 'EAT' sign was neon. I guess I was just too focused on the parm to realize it.

The great thing about living in New Hampshire is that you can see all these signs in just over a couple hours and it's a completely free and safe endeavor.

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