The Boston Red Sox infielder made one of the most horrible defensive errors I've ever seen during yesterday's game. Our Boston Sports Insider Tom Caron gave us some great analysis to consider today when discussing the wildly inconsistent Devers.

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The trouble with Raffy now, and it's hard to remember, but he's been around for five years now, and he's still the youngest guy on the team.


He's only 24 years old.


Most 24 year old players are in Triple A, you make a mistake, you work on it tomorrow. He makes a mistake and we lead off the news with it and it's on SportsCenter.


- Tom Caron on Rafael Devers Defensive Slump

I have never watched a player quite like Devers as it seems everything he does is extraordinary. He hits the ball extraordinarily hard with a bat speed that even modern equipment has trouble keeping up with.

He can go on hot streaks where he looks like a Hall Of Famer, both hitting and fielding.

And then, much like Superman has kryptonite, Devers has problems with self-confidence.

He booted a simple groundball early in the game yesterday and I KNEW that this would be the start of a defensive slump.

Sure enough, a couple innings later, Raffy had to throw to second base, a target that was no more than thirty feet away, and he somehow missed the 2nd baseman by thirty feet.

Hopefully, as TC says, as he gets a bit older, the crises of confidence will become more few and far between and all the pitchers of the American League will rightly shiver at the mere mention of his name.

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