It's the place I hang my hat! No, I don't live in this pile of garbage it's just where I throw everything regardless of it's importance.

Last night's wind chills reached 15 below zero throughout most of Northern New England and I am bald. At some point yesterday, my subconscious mind thought it'd be great if I tossed the one warm hat I have in the trash along with a small empty bag of Cool Ranch Doritos.

I figured this out after agonizing over losing my hat for hours and drove all the way back to work to rescue it from the wastepaper basket, before it's midnight trip to the much nastier dumpster.

I do this with my keys about two times a year and I'm pretty sure I threw my wallet away a few years ago. It is a very disturbing habit I've developed but not an uncommon one according to others that are guilty of it...perhaps I should start a support group.


"Hey Train, Thanks for the donations...heh heh heh heh"

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