Swimmers trying to beat the heat at the beach were suddenly faced with a bigger problem.


As you can imagine, the local beaches are filled this time of year, especially when the temperatures are close to 90.

But it's not all fun and games, as Hampton Beach lifeguards had their hands filled with helping swimmers escape rip currents.

According to a report from WMUR-TV, beach patrol Captain Pat Murphy said:

"When they pop up, they can be flash rips.We do a fixed rip on the north side of the beach that appears once a day. Their strength can change. They pull you out to sea. They don't pull you down, they pull you out, but when you fight it, that's when you get in trouble."


If you happen to get caught in a rip current there are steps you can take provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association.

1. Keep calm. Don't fight the rip current.

2. To get out of the rip current, swim sideways, parallel to the beach. This will get you out of the rip current so you can swim back in with the waves helping you along.

3. When out of the rip current, swim at an angle away from the rip current and toward shore.

4. If you can't escape this way, try to float or calmly tread water. Rip current strength eventually weakens offshore. When it does, swim away from the rip current toward shore.

5. If at any time you are unable to reach the shore, draw attention to yourself: face the shore, wave your arms, and yell for help.