My co-worker and all-around good guy Shawn Olsten here at the station came into my office today and said, "Sarah, you HAVE TO try Charlie's Ice Cream!"  I said to him, "Shawn, I know every ice cream shop from here to Eternity and I've never heard of Charlie's Ice Cream.  He said I hadn't lived.

Where is Charlie's Ice Cream?

155 Front Street, Exeter, NH

Get To Know the New Owners

I spoke with Lucas, one of the owners of Charlie's Ice Cream who told me that he, his Dad, and his sister own the place.  It all came from a dream that his Aunt had of opening up an ice cream shop.  Unfortunately, his aunt passed away a few years ago, so she never got the chance to make her dream a reality.  One day, Lucas' Dad came home from his job at a trucking company and said, "Let's open an ice cream shop."  Lucas and his sister said, "Cool!  Let's do it!"

Who is Charlie?


One night, Lucas, his sister, and his Dad were all sitting on the couch at their house and their little dog Charlie, a pug, looked up at them and said, "Name it after me!"  and so they did.  Yup.  Charlie is their four-legged fur baby.  I love it!  Lucas was going to text me a pic of Charlie, but he got really busy.  People are LOVING this place!

What is Adult Ice Cream?

I have to admit, when Shawn told me about the "Adult Ice Cream" at Charlie's, I thought, "What in the world could that mean?"  ALCOHOL, my friends.  Alcohol-infused Ice cream or as Lucas likes to call it, "Ice Cream with a Kick!"  Lucas said that it's been a big hit so far in the two weeks that they've been open.

Charlie's is open Sunday - Thursday 1pm - 8pm, Friday and Saturday, 1pm - 9pm.

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