I have the perfect gift for you or someone you know who is a big fan of the Shark.  You don't even have to go out of your house to order it.  Because we're so 2020, you can just stay in your house and do all the shopping online at our Merch Store!  Just click here to see all the cool stuff you can get!

Who wouldn't want a Shark mug?  Every time you listen to me and A-Train in the morning, you can sip your coffee from the very same mug that we have with our cool-lookin' logo on it.

OR, how about a tote bag?  I have to admit, I'm kind of a tote bag hoarder, so when these came out, I was over the moon!  Now you can carry all your stuff in one bag.  No fuss, no muss.  (is that the right expression?)

Forget something?  Write it down in a cool, Shark logo-ed notebook!  Or you could journal about all the stuff that you really like about us.  If you don't like stuff about us, it's probably ok to write it down in there too, but don't ever show us.  We are frail flowers.

The stuff that I am most psyched about is the Shark apparel!  How cool would it be to rock a Shark T!  Or, a Shark Sweatshirt!  We have men's and women's  styles too, so women don't have to wear boys stuff.  The women's shirts actually have a waist!  NICE!

Oh, I will tell you, they are true to size too, so if you're a LAAAAHGE, get a Large and so on and so on.

Send us your pix with your Shark Gear on!  It might be worth a buck or two someday if we ever change the logo, which we have no plans to do, I'm just sayin'.....

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