Saturday afternoon was an absolute picture perfect day to take a drive, walk, hike or bike ride, as many people did and we were no exception.

We decided to take a drive toward the seacoast just to see the water.  There were some boats in the water and some kayaks too, but there were not people walking or basking in the sun on the sand.  You can't do that .... YET.

I didn’t think the traffic would be changed at Hampton Beach until today, but Ocean Boulevard is now closed from O Street to Nudd Avenue and Ashworth Avenue is now a two way street until Labor Day.
Here’s what it looks like with Wally’s on the left.
wally's on the left
Here’s a look at the Casino parking lot on the right
casino on right
And one of our favorite places, Farr’s Famous Fried Chicken on the right
farr's famous fried chicken
And here’s a shot coming up to the Ashworth- on the RIGHT. So weird.
It is pretty clever though, to come up with that idea to help with social distancing on Ocean Boulevard. I asked Governor Sununu at one point if they were going to keep that after Labor Day and he said no, it’s just for this Summer.
After we left Hampton, we kept driving through Portsmouth. Lots of people walking around downtown Portsmouth and most of them without a mask. More than I expected. The older crowd seems to be wearing them, but not the young ones.
If you'd like to go to the beach today, it's going to be a little chilly today, remember the traffic switch and no sunbathing.

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