We had a blast on Saturday night at our Dance Through the Decades party at the Rochester Opera House with Barry Scott.  If you weren't at the event, here's a video to show you a little bit of the highlights:

Barry Scott played GREAT music and kept everyone dancing all night.  We gave away prizes for the "best dressed" people who came in their best throw back clothes.  Our first place winner, '80s girl, won a top of the line bluetooth speaker and a Shark jacket!  She was the first one to walk in to the Opera House, and her and her crew stayed ALL NIGHT!

Some old friends came by.  Linda and her sister, Tammy, were on the dance floor all night!  I knew Linda from the other station I used to work at here on the Seacoast.  It was great to see her, and she hasn't changed a bit!

The best part of the whole night was meeting everybody.  A-Train had a Train of girls come by to see him from his gym in Kingston, Fit Body Transformation.  He told me he had about 7 dates lined up, and I have to say, he wasn't kidding!  They came in to the place, started yelling and wrapping their arms around him!  When I told him how great that was to see, he said:  "Why do you think I go all the way to Kingston to work out?"

See you all next year!



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