According to a report from WMUR,

Over the summer, Gov. Chris Sununu created a commission to study back-to-school dates. The report says it is feasible to require New Hampshire schools to start after Labor Day.

There really wasn’t any evidence or any research produced that showed any measurable impact on educational outcomes by starting it a couple of days later than where we do now,” said Jamie Burnett, the commission chairman.

According to, more than 80% of NH Schools started before Labor Day this year.  The Patch story also says that the Governor said it would bring approximately 20 million dollars in to the state for vacation and tourists for the summer, so why wouldn't we do it?  It's a ... (forgive me...) WIN-WIN!

When I was a kid, we NEVER went back to school before Labor Day.  I think maybe I remember one year that a couple days were scheduled before Labor Day, but I just didn't go.  My mother thought it wasn't right either and didn't make me go.  (Thank you, Ma.)

I hope this becomes a reality for NH.  We could use the money from the tourism and the time with the family!


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