Malcom Butler and Julien Edelman are the latest Super Bowl players to tell us they're "going to DisneyWorld". Do you know who was the first?

That would be former New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms after his victory over Denver in 1987 in Super Bowl XXI. Then Disney people had approached Simms and Broncos quarterback John Elway, and offered them $75,000 to the victor if they would utter the phrase. Both agreed. Phil and his Giants won.

Supposedly, this ad campaign was the idea of Jane Eisner, wife of Disney CEO Michael Eisner and has aired every year since 1987, except 2005, the year of Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction. No reason was given as to why it didn't run.

The participants record two takes. One has them saying they're "Disney World' the other "going to Disney Land'. Apparently, there is no rhyme or reason as to who gets picked to utter the phrase, only that players from each team are approached. It does however, help if you play the quarterback position, as there have been 19 winning quarterbacks featured in the commercials.

For the record, Phil Simms' favorite ride at Disney World was and continues to be Space Mountain.

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