I've got the magic phone number, the mystical time to call it and the secret phrase that will get you aboard the MV Thomas Laighton for tomorrow night's Rockin' On The River Cruise (7/10) hosted by Joe Limardi and The Shark!

Train Images

The Time - 7:45AM 7/10/2018 only

The Phone Number - 1-877-457-4275 (1-877-45-SHARK)

The Secret Phrase - 'A-Train set me up dood, badda badda boo croo'

I will translate the preceding secret phrase and put your name on the list with up to 5 of your friends! Age 21 plus only of course.

If the number is busy, or keeps ringing, keep trying and be patient. This is going to be a most excellent seafaring adventure.

We'll be Rockin' the Laighton right until 10pm and the Founders All Day IPA will be poured ever so smoothly starting at 7:30pm.

Don't miss out on this special opportunity to 'badda, badda boo croo!'

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