This little guy crashed into the side of my brother's SUV last night. He's a Northern Saw-Whet Owl and he is currently hanging in there.

Clint Lapierre Photo

While not rare, they're very elusive. Both my brother and my mother are serious birders and have never seen one.

My brother was driving in the forested area of his neighborhood last evening and 'WHACK!'. The impact sounded like a well thrown fastball hit his passenger door.

He pulled over and saw this 6 inch ball of feathers laying on the roadside. Then he noticed it was still breathing! He then put it gently on it's side in the box that you see in the photos.

Clint Lapierre Photo Credit

Not two minutes later the owl, (who I have named 'Emoji') was standing upright and was in the very dazed condition that these photos display.

He spent the night in a padded box, covered with a blanket and a small lid from a can filled with water in case he needed to hydrate.

I'm happy to report that as of 7AM, 'Emoji' was very alert and intensely looking at my brother when he lifted the blanket.

As of right now, he is getting checked in at The Center For Wildlife in Cape Neddick, ME.  They do outstanding work there and I highly recommend them.

About twenty years ago we brought in a Nothern Goshawk that hurt it's wing on some powerlines and they nursed it back to health and 'reintroduced' it to the same area that it was injured.

Hard to tell if 'Emoji' suffered some internal injuries on impact, but I hope he pulls through. I'll keep you updated on his health on an upcoming article.

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