The more I see TB12's smug looks and unabashed gloating with every post season victory social media post, the more I love it! Here's the old school heel wrestler that he is reminding me of lately.

After 17 years of putting up with hearing all the smack talk and biting his tongue, Tom Brady is sick of saying the right things and acting all polite.

As I discussed last week, he has 'Turned Heel' (in the parlance of professional wrestling).

This indescribably obnoxious victory strut with Gronk after the AFC Championship Game reminds me of another classic heel, Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig.

Mr. Hennig passed away in 2003, but the unparalleled level of his egotistical performance art will live forever.

I completely forgot that his 'Manager' was a whistle blowing football coach! It's probably not a coincidence.

Watch his sickening smile as he approaches the ring and you cannot tell me that Brady hasn't adopted him as his personal WWE/WWF spirit animal.

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