Ever do something kinda dumb at work because of your favorite team?

Well, the big Patriots victory the other night brought back a memory for me that I shared yesterday with a colleague and I thought I'd share with you, too.

It's fall 2004, the Boston Red Sox are fighting to break an 86-year-old curse and take the World Series pennant, but to do it, they must first win the ALCS with their arch-rival, the New York Yankees.

It's a daunting task as the Yanks are just cresting with perhaps their best line up ever (A-Rod, Jeter) and the Sox are a rag-tag mix of talent from their style of play to the beards/long hair of several team members. The series looks to be lost as the Sox drop the first three games, leaving the Yanks needing but one more win to go.

But in game 4, something special happened.

The Sox battled back to not only force a game 5 but to re-take the series, finally defeating the pin-stripes in 7 incredible nights of baseball.

That brings us to my memory: on the seventh night, the morning DJ at the station I was working at and myself (and probably 5-10 other people) went out and watched the game; we enjoyed beer and fun during the game and after. Being responsible young men, the morning DJ and I walked about 2 miles from our downtown pub back to the radio station where it was about time for him to go on the air at 5 a.m., which somehow he did and for me, apparently, to pass out fast asleep on the floor between the studio and the program director's office (our boss).

At around 9 a.m. I got a boot tap to the shoulder and was awoken by said program director who looks down at my waking self on the floor and says, "How ya doin?"

I reply, "Ahhh not good."

He retorts, "Yeah, didn't think so" and goes into his office. I get up and start to head down the hallway before spinning around and saying, "Hey, should I come in for my shift this afternoon?"

He says, "You'll call me at noon, go get some sleep."

Low and behold I'd told this story to a friend in the record industry who came by our Dover studios Monday and today went to that station and sent me a picture text of a certain square of carpet where I'd once slept after a night of celebrating a historic run for my Red Sox.

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