It's hard to believe the Fourth of July is just a few days away. DANG! I feel like I'm going to blink and it will be Labor Day Weekend. Slow down, Summer! We like you. Stay awhile.

For dog owners, the anxiety might start kicking in around this time of year. It's hard to fully look forward to the fourth when you know your precious fur baby is going to be in a constant state of panic!

Dogs are notoriously terrified of fireworks and in New Hampshire, we have a whole lot of them! So what are some measures you can take to make the day a little more bearable on your sensitive-eared pup?

I gathered some tips and tricks from the "Friends of Hampton Beach NH" Facebook group. I hope you find these helpful!

Call your veterinarian a few days before (aka today) and talk about possible medications/sedatives

I heard Trazodone works wonders for many breeds!

If you prefer the more natural route..

Rub pure natural lavender oil across their nose and mix with a bit of olive oil

and the classic...

Close up all of the windows in your house and turn on the ACs and fans and if needed also the TV and Radio

Listen to our station! Our soothing voices and music are certain to calm your pup's nerves!

Try "Counter Conditioning"

This comes from Don Dickson Jr. on Facebook. It's an interesting technique that he SWEARS BY!

  • play an MP3 (or Youtube video) of fireworks going off, starting at a low volume
  • little by little, turn up the volume, and once your dog responds, that's its threshold
  • Turn the sound down until your dog is relaxed again
  • Slowly turn the volume back up and repeat. If you do this slowly you will notice your dog's threshold adjust

Don stresses that the point of this is not to torture your dog but to move them past their fear. He said if you’re uncomfortable trying this on your own, seek the advice of a trainer or behaviorist.

Invest in a pressure wrap or vest

I didn't know this was a thing but apparently, they make snug-fitting vests that apply comforting pressure to your dog’s torso. It is advised that you put the wrap on for 20-30 minutes, remove it for a similar period, and then reapply it for best results.

And finally, your dog's favorite suggestion, bribe them with treats

They will be distracted and happy as a bug in a rug.

There you go! I hope you found these suggestions helpful. If I am missing any pro tips please feel free to let us know in the comments!

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