So, this used to be Gronk's gig and now Edelman has taken over. Julian Edelman is all set to host a women's football clinic on October 3rd at Gillette Stadium.

What do you do at a women's football clinic? I wondered the same thing. Apparently, when Gronk was hosting, the clinic was a mix of football instruction, autographs and cocktails. Sounds about right.

There are 3 different packages to choose from with the most expensive at $2,995 and the cheapest is $159.

The priciest package includes a ride to the event with Gronk.

Every package comes with a ticket to the event, a t-shirt, Julian Edelman autograph, a team photo and a complimentary alcoholic beverage.

Sounds like a good time and I'd be all in, but I think it would be kinda awkward being the only guy at a women's football clinic.

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