The Shark's 'Hair And Lifestyle Correspondent', Kevin from Ogunquit, called in today and gave us a look inside the new world of hair salon operation in the early stages of  reopening. To put it mildly, it certainly sounds like 'It ain't like it used to be'.


It's a lot! You have to be gloved and masked. We have to wear a cape, basically a longsleeved cape and change it for every client. I look like I work at Shotz Brewery.


- Kevin on his new safety regulated salon PPE.

For those of the slightly younger demographic that may be wondering what it looked like to work at Shotz Brewery? Here's the Laverne and Shirley intro to give you a visual representation.

And I just realized that they're both NOT wearing masks while at the brewery. Kevin is way more covered up than Laverne and Shirley.

They claim that when you blow dry, you move the virus around.


My theory is that if you're 'moving it around' that means that somebody already has it, so, you're screwed anyway.


And they want to limit the time you're with the client. That's what they're trying to do.


- Kevin on the Blow Dryer Ban and Salon Time Limits

I'm glad that at least a little light seems to be shining at the end of what has been a very dark time for virtually everyone.

Hopefully soon, Sarah will be able to finally visit Kevin's new place without violating state regulations.

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