Did you see Lickee's & Chewy's on NH Chronicle last night?  Erin and Sean do a fantastic job, no matter where they go in NH, but on the show last night, I thought they did a particular great job because you could see the excitement on their faces and it's no wonder why!

Lickee's & Chewy's in Dover is HEAVEN for the person with a sweet tooth.  The stuff they have there is AMAZING!  Just check out all the pictures that we took at our recent visit:

I didn't even know they MADE gummy bears this big!!


Any old fashioned candy that you want, they got.


I remember those bubble gum cigars!  They were my favorite as a kid!  My Mother never liked me eating them, but I did anyway.


This beautiful thing is a POPCORN CHOCOLATE PIE/CAKE.  I know.... I know.  The combination of popcorn and chocolate just sends me in to 7th Heaven!!


Don't miss Lickee & Chewy's, no matter where you are coming from!


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