And another man from Vermont was chosen too!

According to a report from NBC Boston, for the first time in decades, two men will be on the sidelines this season for all the Patriots games as Cheerleaders.

23 year old Driss Dallahi of Londonderry was one of two New England men chosen.  The other was Steven Sonntag, 22, of Colchester, Vermont.

The report says Driss knew he was going to stand out at try outs:

Walking (into tryouts), I knew people were going to look at me — one, because I am over 6 feet tall, and two, because I am a male.

I am extremely happy that we now have two male cheerleaders!!  It's one more step toward equality and if anyone knows about inequality, it's your girl Sully here.  It's been a man's world for a looong time in my career in radio and things like this make me hopeful for the young women and men of the future.  The more we take steps like this, the closer we will be to true equality for both men and women.

I'll look for you on the sidelines, Driss and Steven!  Congratulations!!

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