The tune I'm about to spoil is another perfect example of 'A Record You Never Thought You'd Hear On The Radio Again' for The Lost 45's with Barry Scott program. What is truly shocking is how it charted back in 1983.

Rockit - Herbie Hancock

You couldn't turn on your MTV back in the Summer of 1983 without seeing the robotic and creepy video.

This is one of the first vinyl albums I bought because it was the first time an instrumental song reached out to me. At the age of 10, I thought that a catchy chorus and lyrics were an essential part of a hit record and this tune proved me wrong.

Surprisingly, it DID NOT chart that well for Herbie Hancock here in the States, only topping out at #71, but enjoyed more success in Europe.

The album "Future Shock" was certified as Platinum which is an impressive feat for a piece of work that stood out as so drastically different than much of the pop sound of the early 80's.

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