Yesterday, my husband and I got out of bed to do some much needed shopping.  The leftovers from the holidays were all thrown away, resolutions were made and all sugar needed to take a hike.  Sugar, that is, and anything fattening for that matter.  We were, as the popular meme says, "confused as to what day it was and full of cheese."  Time to shop for something healthy.

When we went down the chip isle, I reminded him that we wouldn't be getting any of those things, but then he said, "But honey, look!  It's only popcorn and it's a local company!"  You had me at 'local.'  Okay, I say and we buy a bag of "Butter Me Up" Pop Zup popcorn.  

You should know that my husband David is not like me when it comes to food.  He can actually stop when he thinks he's had enough or when he thinks something is not good for him.  I can't really relate and I am amazed at his will-power, but this popcorn had a hold on him like I've never seen before.  We were actually trying to have a conversation when he opened the bag, tried one kernel and kept shoving the stuff in to his mouth while he was trying to talk.  Something very familiar to me, but I had never seen him do it before.  After I listened to him crunch down a few more handfuls, this is the exchange we had:

David:  "Okay, I'll be back later.  You stay there."

Me:  "What?  Who are you talking to?"

David:  "The Popcorn."

David has never, in his life, talked to anything edible.  I mean, never.  What has this delicious stuff done to him?  I may just go over to Washington Street here in Dover after work to find out.


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