I lost a precious heirloom pendant while traveling last year, so I can relate to this news story. It was later turned in to an airport employee, who contacted me. I cried tears of joy when I received it in the mail.

News Center Maine is giving us some happy news about a 12-year-old girl in Wiscasset, who was reunited with her grandmother's ring, which was found in the strangest place. A gardener found it while gathering garlic at the Chewobki Foundation. The ring was "wrapped around a grown garlic plant," according to News Center Maine's Roslyn Flaherty.

The girl, Madison Cooper, must have accidentally dropped the ring, when she was at the Chewobki Foundation back in October, 2019. Perhaps, it was too big and slipped off her finger. In the video below, Flaherty tells us the ring was given to Cooper's grandmother as a gift from her late grandfather. Her grandma later gave it to her to remember him.

The gardener, Hannah Marshall, deserves credit for doing the right thing and returning the ring to the Cooper family. There are many unethical people in the world who would have kept it.


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