A guy from Hancock, Maine may have broken the cannonball run record, according to Road & Track via Yahoo News. His name is Fred Ashmore, and he supposedly rented a Ford Mustang, and did some extensive remodeling of the interior. Road & Track says Ashmore ripped out the passenger seats of the Mustang along with some other stuff. In their place, he put in extra fuel tanks, so that the car could hold around 130 gallons of gasoline.

Then, Ashmore took off from Manhattan, New York to Redondo Beach, California and reportedly set a new record time of 25 hours and 55 minutes. The article says he only stopped once to refuel. If you do the math, he was driving approximately 108 miles per hour. The previous record holder drove across the country in 27 hours and 25 minutes.

Not only is Ashmore's time impressive, but he also made the cross-country trip all by himself. Previous cannonball champs had a team of drivers who took turns, so that they could rest.

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