You think you'd be safe from falling snow in the Summer in NH, but nope!
According to a report from WMUR, this past Saturday, a 28 year old man from Quincy, Mass was trying to take a video under the Tuckerman Snow Arch on the Tuckerman Trail in Jackson on Saturday when it collapsed and he was crushed under large blocks of ice and snow.  Someone who saw it happen called the conservation officers to help.  The man has serious injuries, but he is expected to be okay.
According to the Boston Globe, Alphonse Riang was under the arch that gave way at about 1:30pm on Saturday, partially burying him in "a basketball-court-size amount of snow," authorities said in a statement.
As a lifelong New Englander, I wouldn't feel safe under the snow in any time of the year in the White Mountains, nevermind in July.  Not that I'm blaming the guy, I mean - he probably had a nice shot going on for his social media accounts, ya know?  I knew this girl once who was on the ledge of a mountain in NH and she took a selfie on the edge, slipped and went tumbling down the ledge of the mountain.  She was thankfully okay, as this guy will be, but it serves as a reminder to be super careful when you're going for that perfect shot for the Insta.  After her injuries had healed, my friend went back to the ledge that she fell from and took the shot that she was originally there for.

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