Whoa.  Who knew shoe companies could be so drama-filled?  Boston.com is reporting on a story that sounds like it was made for a reality television show.   Alden Shoe Company, a footwear business that has been around for 136 years located in Massachusetts. The legal allegations are being made in a lawsuit filed in Suffolk County Superior Court.  Alden Shoe Company alleges that one of their executives, Richard Hajjar, made off with $20 million from the company that he was not entitled to.

So, where does Bianca de la Garza, the former WCVB host come into this lawsuit?  Well, the attorneys for Alden shoe company claim that Richard Hajjar, the company’s CFO, spent the money on Bianca de la Garza. The list of things that Hajjar spent on her is long.  The lawsuit alleges that Richard showered de la Garza with expensive jewelry, a Mercedes-Benz, and a million-dollar New York City apartment.  The lawsuit goes on to further allege that Hajjar pumped money into de la Garza’s skincare company and failed television show.

So how is Bianca de la Garza included in this lawsuit?  Well, the Alden Company claims that de la Garza should have known or did know that the money was stolen according to boston.com.  Never look a gift horse in the mouth, or maybe you should so you don’t get in trouble.  Yikes!  So, do you think they were in on the theft together?  I wonder if Netflix or HBO will get the rights to the story.  I know I would want to watch and see how this plays out.


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