Hey now!  What is this?  Is the Northeast the culinary Center of the Universe or somethin'?  The answer, I'm beginning to believe is, YES!

There is ANOTHER famous Chef from Milford, NH who is competing in Top Chef starting tomorrow night, according to BravoTV.com.

Chris Viaud is the Chef and Owner of Greenleaf and Culture in Milford.  Two very different restaurants, but both with exceptional food.

Greenleaf is the type of place where you go to have a fancy dinner with a fancy cocktail.  You go in to Culture to grab a breakfast sandwich or yummy salad for lunch.

I heard about Chris from my brother John Sullivan, another exceptional chef from Milford, but I'm a bit biased.  John, the O.G. Yankee Chef, says that Chris is a really good guy and makes delicious food, so I'm sure that he'll be watching tomorrow night.

Here's a little bit about what the Food Network says about Chris Viaud:

At 28 years old, Chris opened his own restaurant Greenleaf in Milford, NH. His approach to food is rustic yet refined by classic techniques and his menus are driven by locally grown seasonal products. A year later, he opened Culture, a from scratch bakery producing artisanal breads, sandwiches and pastries while supporting local farms. His strength and motivation build from the support of his family, friends and staff and he continues to push himself every day, especially now that he has a young daughter named Madeleine.

The episode of Top Chef will air tomorrow night, Thursday, April 1 from Portland, Oregon, beginning at 8pm.  Good luck, Chris!  The 603 will be watching!

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