Sad news to report from Mink, the beloved bear known from wandering around Hanover and Lebanon, New Hampshire, has been located deceased.

Her remains were discovered on a gravel bar of the Mascoma River near Old Pine Tree Cemetery Road in Lebanon, New Hampshire, according to the article.

Mink, who was equipped with a tracking collar a few years ago, had no recorded activity from that tracking device for many days, which prompted Fish and Game officials tasked with tracking her to go looking for her, stated.

An examination of her remains was conducted in Lyme and it was determined that she probably succumbed to injuries after being struck by a vehicle, according to the article, and it was discovered that she had a broken foreleg.

Mink gained attention on her wanders in the Hanover and Lebanon area and raised several litters of cubs over the years, the article stated, and she even attracted the attention of Gov. Sununu in 2017 who had her cubs relocated to an isolated area in Northern New Hampshire.

Sadly, one of the cubs was shot in Quebec weeks after the move, according to

It is important that residents still use caution in protecting trash and keeping those bird feeders down as there are still bears other than Mink in the area. Fish and Game has asked the residents of the area to be on the lookout for her cubs and contact the New Hampshire Fish and Game’s Wildlife Division in Concord at 603-271-2461, according to John P. Gregg, Valley News Staff writer.

Fish and Game would like to locate and keep the cubs, if found, at the bear preserve and rehabilitation center in Kilham for the winter.

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