When I was in fourth grade all I cared about was pizza and the next episode of The Dukes of Hazzard. (Not much has changed) My nephews are focused on going viral with their living room performance of a true classic hit anthem. Enjoy!

Connor (left) is on trumpet and Caleb (right) is on percussion (I think the technical name for it is a practice pad).

Connor remarks at the end that he 'messed up', and I may be biased, but I thought every note was played to near perfection.

After all, I can't recall Queen ever using a brass section for this tune so, I'm not deducting any points for the effort.

As far as going viral, after less than 24 hours this video has been viewed in excess of 25 times and has 13 likes, which is astronomical for my Instagram account.

I'm talking with their agent and their publicist to see if I can get them to perform 'Star Wars Theme' for a sequel. That is bound to smash all previous social media records.

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