Not unlike the legendary Muhammad Ali, (who coincidentally fought Sonny Liston in TC's home town of Lewiston ME), Tom Caron has predicted not only WHO will win the NBA Eastern Conference Semifinal BUT ALSO the exact number of games it will take!

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Train Images


Yes they're going to win both at home. My prediction is that once they win both at home then they're going to go back and lose one and then finish it and win it in GAME SIX here.

It's gonna be a great crowd tonight, it's gonna be rocking.


I think you've seen Kyrie Irving come back into his own here in the playoffs. This is the guy that you went out and got and really hoped to build around and man has he turned it on. - Tom Caron

With an 8pm tip off scheduled for Game 3 tonight, I think instead of downing another cup of coffee, I'll just read TC's quote to get me fired up to watch the whole game!

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