Today our Boston Sports Insider TC discussed Tom Brady's possible departure using logic and reasoning. This did not make The Shark Morning Show happy at all.

New England Patriots v New York Jets
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Bobby Orr finished his career with The Chicago Blackhawks, Michael Jordan left for another team, Wayne Gretzky moved around to a couple of teams.


The greatest of all time in their sports? Move.


He's not going to retire, he's made that very clear.


If you're The Patriots and you want him back, you just are going to have to make him the highest paid quarterback in the history of the game.


Patriots fans have to ask themselves, next year, at Age 43, is Tom Brady the best player in the National Football League?


- Tom Caron on the subject of some other guy named Tom

Sarah and I vote for yes. It's impossible to even envision him wearing another uniform and until that happens, I refuse to entertain any notion that suggests he is leaving.

Thankfully for us, Tom Caron isn't going anywhere in 2020 and we look forward to another year of these reports!

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