Our sports insider is a huge fan of Rob Gronkowski as both a football player and as a person. His broadcasting abilities though? TC's review of Gronk's debut is not very kind and quite amusing.

Train Images
Train Images

 Make him a producer? Because that might be a much better idea.

Listen, not everybody can do it, you can't just roll in and do a pregame show. And I'm sure they'll work with him, this was kind of a late in the week thrown together thing.


If you look at what David Ortiz does on the baseball side and he can pull it off, I think THAT is what they're going for.


What we're going to find out now is how much does Gronk know about the game and how much of Gronk's success a by product of him being bigger stronger and faster than everybody else?


It'll be interesting to see how that translates into the studio.

- Tom Caron

My personal opinion is that he'd be much better suited in a party like atmosphere.

Have a fast paced edited piece with him interviewing people at the tailgate parties and have the segment culminate with a Gronk Spike of some random hilarious object.

Two minutes of television gold.

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