The recent decision from MLB to punish only one person involved in the Red Sox 'cheating' scandal seemed very strange. Thankfully, TC spells it out and also acts as a  character witness for the man who was suspended.

Detroit Tigers v Boston Red Sox
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Yeah, it's probably not fair, J.T. Watkins is a good guy, I know him well. He was a minor league player, his Dad was a scout and he went to West Point.


But he's the scapegoat in this, he's the guy that was found to be giving away the illegal tips.


There was cheating, there was. And the Red Sox got slapped. A 2nd Round pick is going to be costly because this is going to be a shorter draft than ever before.


The good news is that it wasn't found to be systematic, it wasn't an organization wide thing like we saw in Houston. - Tom Caron on J.T. Watkins and MLB's Punishment


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